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World of Warships Sets Sail

atagostellar’s latest foray into, uh, historical vehicular arena combat (there has to be a better way to describe it), World of Warships, has finally raised anchor from the semi-public beta and released publicly. How many tortured nautical metaphors can I fit into this post? Let’s “sea”!

By all accounts I’ve heard, World of Warships is Wargaming’s best offering yet. It is also impossible to acronym properly. Your friends will all assume you’re talking about World of Warcraft, and they will think you’re cool and normal, and you will hesitate to disabuse them of this notion. It can really torpedo a conversation!

The game features a wide selection of WWI and WWII warships, with destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers (in escalating order of size and juicyness). This weekend is probably a pretty great time to give it a shot – there’s an x3 experience bonus until Monday, and you can be sure that the servers will be clogged with players as charmingly new and inept as yourself. Give it a shot, landlubber! I like boats.

Take a look at Rossmum’s videos (especially the ones with commentary, like this destroyer and this battleship vid) to give yourself a leg up on the competition; Rossmum’s an old Wargaming pro and knows his stuff. Oh, and if you’re interested in 20th century warships, check out Shipbucket,, Navweaps, and Wikipedia’s Battleships Portal. That should be enough to get you hooked on these big deadly metal dildos of the sea.