Stellar Relic


The Team

James Murff is a veteran of multiple gaming publications, including Joystiq, PC Gamer, Gamefront, and more. He likes sentient machines, obscure indie games, and dissecting game mechanics.

Thomas Howell is an undercredentialed dork who plays games and writes about them. He’s passionate about the intersections between gaming and history, identity, politics, and the future.

D. Dahlberg is the backend guy doing things and used to make words happen in sequence.

The Site

Stellar Relic, as a site, seeks to provide intelligent coverage of complex games. Our coverage is dictated by our desires; if a game is being covered here, it will be covered as long as the writer is interested. Many sites rely on the eternal churn of new games and content. We would rather enrich your experience with an existing game than try to tell you about every new release. When we do bring you news about a new release, or post a trailer, or do other similar short form content, we’ll do so with a purpose or because it truly excites us.

The Comments

Our comments will be heavily moderated. There is no illusion of free speech here; if you say something repugnant, whether ironic or not, we will delete your comment and ban you. There is a line here, and being overly aggressive, personal, or bigoted will guarantee a deletion and ban. We want comments to be a place where people can express themselves safely and without others coming in to ruin their good time. If you come here to do that, we won’t let your comment stand. It’s as simple as that.

As long as you abide by this simple rule, have fun! We read every comment and we love to respond to readers, whether it’s to clarify a point, encourage deeper discussions, or just make jokes.

The Point

The whole point of this endeavor is for three pals to have some fun writing about video games. We’d love for others to share in our passion, but at the end of the day not every game is for every player. That’s fine – just have fun. That’s the point of video games, after all.