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For comments, concerns, and questions, please email us at or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.


Stellar Relic is currently a non-paying establishment. We’re all broke as shit. However, if you still are interested in working with us to get a piece published on here, go check out our Submissions Sunday program and the guidelines down below.

How To Submit

  1. Send your piece to, with the subject “[SUBMISSION] Name of Piece
  2. Please send us a pitch, which is a basic outline of what you’d like to write, whether you’ve already written the piece or not. We won’t have the time to read full submissions and pitches are a good test of your ability to hook us. (Here’s some information on writing pitches.)
  3. There is no pay. This, much like Stellar Relic in general, is volunteer-based. Submit if you want to work with good editors and writers.
  4. We will usually only run one submission per week, although this can change based on extenuating circumstances.
  5. Your piece will be pored over by the Stellar Relic staff, which means you’ll get plenty of critique and editing. If you want your piece to run as-is, this isn’t the place.
  6. We will not accept a piece you have already posted elsewhere.


Join the Staff

If you’re interested more in joining our little community of budding writers, rather than submitting the odd one-off piece, we have good news – we’re hiring! Well, not really hiring as we’re still really broke and can’t pay anyone (editors included), but we’re willing to bring you into our little family. Who knows, maybe together we can create something better! If you’re interested in joining this little shindig, where you’ll get access to our super hilarious Slack and even more editorial guidance than you would through our submissions program, follow these steps:

How To Apply

  1. Send us a note to, with the subject “[Application] (Your name goes here)”
  2. In that note, be sure to include a couple details about yourself, like your general gaming background, what topics interest you most, and why you’re looking to join SR. It’s okay if you’ve never written before, or just have a blog, or have written somewhere else extensively – we take all levels of experience.
  3. As stated multiple times on this page, there is no pay. That includes spacebux (if you’re coming from the EVE community) or any other in-game compensations. We might be able to hook you up with the occasional goody, but those are the exception and not the rule. We’re poor.
  4. We’ll run your stuff whenever it is in good enough shape to go. A big part of being on Stellar Relic is the interaction you get with the fine editorial staff we have. We’ll move your writing to new heights and help publish things you are proud of.
  5. Sometimes, we see things out there on the internet that seem really interesting, but we don’t just have the time to cover it. These things go into a backlog which we’ll share with staff members that are struggling to find new topics to write about or want to challenge themselves to dig into new and unexplored digital territories.
  6. No reposts! As with our submission program, we’re really not interested in reposting things that have already been said. This extends from press releases to blogs to forum posts. We want original content, not just because it’s good for the site, but it is good for our writers to challenge themselves.