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Game of the Month Club: August 2015 – War Thunder

Fly some planes with Stellar Relic in War Thunder!

Every month, the masterminds behind Stellar Relic collaborate in their secret lairs to decide which game will get a special highlight on the site. We tell you, our faithful readers, which game it is, and invite you to share your thoughts about it throughout the month. At the end of the month, we post up a collaborative post in which we reflect on our month with the game. In the future, we hope to reward you with prizes like giveaways relating to the titles we pick, discount codes, and more – but for now, we’re just going to be picking a game for us all to play and then reflect on. It’s a Book of the Month Club, but for games. Game of the Month Club. Simple!

For August, we’ve selected War Thunder. This decision was made in the wee hours of July 31st, as we had originally intended to return to Space Engineers for our first selection – but War Thunder was a last minute consensus opinion that I think we’re all happy with. Our experiences with War Thunder range from none (Thomas) to 30+ hours (James), allowing us to represent an array of experience going into it. It’s also important for us to select titles that are widely accessible – both to us and to our readers – and War Thunder is free to play. Finally, we all nerd out to varying degrees over World War II stuff (Thomas in particular), so it was a title we were all really happy to select.

To grab War Thunder, you can either go direct to the source or you can download the game via Steam. I would personally encourage everyone to log a couple hours solo in the title, just to get your bearings, but then find a friend to play with you; War Thunder is a ton of fun solo, and even more so when flying with friends.

Feel free to share your relevant IDs in the comments below if you need someone to fly with – and don’t forget to post your impressions of the game over the course of the month!