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Total Warhammer: Trailer of War

Creative Assembly’s Total War series has had a tough go of things recently; Rome II was a big broken mess, nobody seemed to like Napoleon (which is totally weird as he’s a really cool dude once you get to know him), and DLC shenanigans in recent years left fans of the series wanting. Apparently, CA decided that what those fans were wanting was an epic fantasy installment to Total War – which, well, looks really cool. Seriously, check out the headgear on that totally average-height shouty man in the front!

If you look at this trailer and think to yourself ‘there is no way that’s gameplay’, you’re totally right – it isn’t. Publicists, in an arms race of catch phrases, slyly deployed the ‘In-Engine’ part here to suggest to you that maybe this is what the game will look like, then immediately went ahead and clarified their use of English in a wiki post no one is going to read. Whatever ‘In-Engine’ means, though, this trailer is a pretty good one.